If you are looking for fancy buzzwords, smart marketing jargon or a "one solution fits all kind of thing", you have come to the wrong place.




This site is all about my passion for people, graphic design, marketing and communication. I love people; I love their uniqueness and their quirky personalities. And guess what - Companies have personalities too! That is why; I always have real people in mind, when making a design or writing a post.

For the last twelve years I have followed the development within graphic design and communication. With the rise of social media I have seen how communication, have become more data driven, impersonal and spamlike. Luckily this is changing. More and more companies recognize the value of building real and engaging relationships with their customers.

For me, emotions do matter. If what I do, helps inspire just a single individual; I would be a very happy person. Helping others reach their goals, plays a significant role in my life.

I’m a mother of three, an animal lover, I’m educated as a Multimedia Designer and I hold a Master of Arts in Communication Studies. But first and foremost, I consider myself to be a person undergoing a constant construction, through the simple art of listening.